Reasking a couple of questions

Maybe no one can provide me the answer to questions I’ve asked in the last couple of months, but I will try one more time:

a) In July I mentioned that my mortgage company called before 8 am to find out where my payment (only a couple of days late) was.  I complained to the FTC but is there any other recourse?

b) What constitutes Proof of Debt when you request it?  I asked for proof of debt and all they sent me was some phony bill that anyone could make up on their computer.

In response to your first question, it’s the FTC and the Better Business Bureau. That’s about it. Maybe your state’s attorney in case they’re abusing other customers as well.

As for the second, here’s a really good response I found online:

Thanks for that. Well then I did all I could for the mortgage company calling early (now I think they’re getting back at me by calling even if I’m a day late).

The link for the other question is great. Now I know how to proceed.

Take care.