Settling with Chase

We are about to reach a settlement with Chase Bank. However, they seem adamant about receiving some money before the end of the month – in addition to the settlement offered. They want us to give them our bank info so they can electronically get the money. Not something we are likely to do, however we could mail a payment. Of course, they say that will take too long to get there. We are in the seventh month, and it’s about to be written off, so they are anxious to get the money before that happens. We would like a written agreement first, then send in a lump sum payment.

One thing I’ve found dealing with these sharks is that they never listen to anything you say.  I’ve told them what I can afford and then they say, “Can you afford x?” which is higher than what I told them.  They just want their money somehow.  Personally, I’d let it go to collection, but first I would send the registered letter telling them to stop calling you either at home or at work.


Social Secuirty income and creditors

I just started receiving Soc Sec retirement income. I have debts which creditors have gone to court and got judgements against me.
Twice they attached my bank account even tho I had less than $1000, and the law says I am entitled to have under $1000 in the bank for my use. Now I keep less than $100 in the bank.

They tried to levy my car even tho my car is worth under $1000 and I had to get Legal Services to get them to let go.

Now that I get Soc Sec. I am not putting it in my bank. Even tho the law says they cannot touch Soc. Sec., I think they will anyway, and the $880. is all I am living on.

The problem is I mistakenly signed up to have my Soc Sec. check go into something called Direct Express, which really is a bank. I thought I was applying for more information but somehow I got a letter saying my check is going to be deposited there.

Now I am scared the creditors will find it and take it. I called Soc. Sec. and had things changed so the check comes to me, but that doesn’t take effect until Dec. Meanwhile for Nov I am living in mortal fear that the creditors will take what I’ve got to live on.

Does anyone have any experience with this?