Month: July 2015

Only if u ask

I’m a immigrant worker in US 4 years ago and when I went for a trip to home country after around 3 years of stay in US, had my visa rejected and couldnt come back to US. I recently had my visa issued again and will be coming shortly back.

But…here is my situation, at that time, i had around 20k in debt, and I was paying my credit card & carloan bills perfectly fine till around 2003, but after not being able to enter US couldnt make the payments anymore.

These questions maybe tough to answer…pls try

1. How much would my current amount be to be paid in full?(4 year 4months gap, initial amount 20k)
2. What will be the best option for me (consolidation,settlement…?)
3. Which is the best firm/company/attorney that can assist my case, as you see I also have an extra angle as immigrant and not citizen

I have so many questions and worries, but please try ansering any of above and I will try bothering you all excellent ladies and gentlemen trying to fight back to get your own lives in order. Hope I could win back my own life after such a long period of uncertainity these last 4 years.

I believe you are talking about the same thing as I heard on radio. I have ever asked them to send me a free CD. It turns out the CD is free, but they charge about $10 for S&H, and they required me to pay with a credit card or debit card. Check is not acceptable.
So I believe what you said is right. $10 is not what they want, they want that $3000. But I don’t think their solution will help.

If it’s the one I am thinking of, first they sell you a $3,000 product and get you to take out a HELOC on your home. Then they have you put all of your income into the HELOC and have the HELOC pay your bills. However, you will have to reduce your current budget/spending (something you can do for free) and you have to take additional risk on your home (something you should avoid) and finally, and most importantly, you will be out $3,000! What fun!

Save your money, do something more along the lines of Dave Ramsey or Clark Howard.

Good Luck