Month: April 2015

Social Secuirty income and creditors

I just started receiving Soc Sec retirement income. I have debts which creditors have gone to court and got judgements against me.
Twice they attached my bank account even tho I had less than $1000, and the law says I am entitled to have under $1000 in the bank for my use. Now I keep less than $100 in the bank.

They tried to levy my car even tho my car is worth under $1000 and I had to get Legal Services to get them to let go.

Now that I get Soc Sec. I am not putting it in my bank. Even tho the law says they cannot touch Soc. Sec., I think they will anyway, and the $880. is all I am living on.

The problem is I mistakenly signed up to have my Soc Sec. check go into something called Direct Express, which really is a bank. I thought I was applying for more information but somehow I got a letter saying my check is going to be deposited there.

Now I am scared the creditors will find it and take it. I called Soc. Sec. and had things changed so the check comes to me, but that doesn’t take effect until Dec. Meanwhile for Nov I am living in mortal fear that the creditors will take what I’ve got to live on.

Does anyone have any experience with this?